Storms & Magic

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I recently did a linoleum cut of a thunderhead. I was looking a large painting I had done a few years ago and one of the images was a thundercloud.  It was a small image, only about 2 by 2 ½ inches. I hadn’t seen it for some time and I liked it, so I decided to make a larger linocut of that image. Another reason to do this was I had done a painting, “Thunderheads,” that pictured my friend Elemore Morgan talking to a farmer overlooking a large field with three large thunderheads in the sky. So I decided to do a linocut to remember the paintings and Elemore.

It’s an intricate cut and it took me a week or so to make. When I finally printed it, I was happy with the image and showed it to a friend who came to visit after we had lunch. She looked at me like I was nutty, “A thunderhead?” she asked. Well, I might be a little nutty, but I thought it was a “magic“ linocut. Not long after, we had a rash of storms and hurricanes passing through the Gulf with a lot of bad weather. It made me wonder if my friend was right and I was calling bad weather to me by making such images.

I do believe art can be magic. The work that has the most meaning for me is about reality – things I’ve seen, heard, perceived or experienced. When I am most concentrated, every aspect of making a piece is important and occasionally everything seems to come into place, creating something I can’t take my eyes off of. The piece has a presence and glow. So it is with my “thunderhead“ linocut. Sometimes these images only make sense later, after they’re finished.

Now, cleaning up after the storms, I just stretched two canvases to make some new work. I remember an old drawing I Iike, about all the different ways I draw water. I want to do something about the power of water and nature. I hope I can dig it up…

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