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The Big Push

March 27th, 2009 admin Blog, PR / News No comments

I am making the final push to finish my show for April in New Orleans. I hired 2 guys in Late February to help me do all the things I need to get done for the show. This enabled me to finish all the work I had planned and to do a couple of extra pieces. One of these was a large Alligator block print. I had pulled it myself, But had trouble moving it around. Having another set of hands really helped out.

I really liked having a helper. I usually work in a mess, as I’m pretty passionate about getting through the piece. Nick would clean up when I was in the other workshop. My brushes were always in order and the paint cans were always where we could find them. I taught Nick how to print so I hope that helps him down the line.

I found out in Late November that my show had been pushed back from March to April and was also expanded—from one gallery to three. I had enough work for the one gallery, but had to burn the midnight oil from December to the end of March to finish. I made a plan. I would work during the day here at the studio with my helpers, and at night I would paint in my converted alcove studio at home. On weekends I could paint at home if the children were there and needed to be watched.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough time for work, but I kept up the pace and by the end of March delivered the remainder of work to the gallery. They ended up hanging 46 pieces. I was proud of the work I presented – I would hang that show anywhere.