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Florida – Artist Residency Seaside

February 15th, 2010 admin Miscellaneous No comments

Here I am in Florida, about 400 miles east of  Lafayette. I’m here for an artist residency for the whole month of February. When I arrived here, my feelings were mixed – I kept asking myself, what was I doing here, leaving my family behind? But then again I came prepared to work and give it all I had, straight-out for a month, like in the old days when putting together a show.

It’s cold here. The beach in winter is kind of desolate, deserted. Nobody here. I did happen to go out the other day when the temperature was 50 degrees or so. Took some pictures of shore birds.

There are other artists here: Nathan Granner, an operatic tenor from Kansas City;  Lyndsey Ogle, a performer and writer also from Kansas City; and Roger Reid, a writer  From Birmingham, Alabama. John T. Edge, a scholar from Oxford, Mississippi is also here. Each person is working on a different project. Nathan is working on songs and budgeting a new opera, Lyndsey is working on her blog and a book, Roger is working on a book, and John T. is also working on a literary project.

The work is going rather well. I’m making 70 pieces while I’m here – 4 different sizes.

In addition, I brought some small works-in-progress that I’m trying to finish. These are all works on paper. We call these unique block prints, because although they are made from the block print medium, each piece is one of a kind. So there are no editions. I’m using a water-based ink, which is great because the drying time is so quick and cleaning up is rather easy. I’ve carved about 50 new blocks to use for this work. At the end of the residency, the 2nd to last day, I’ll be conducting a block printing workshop as part of my community service.

The month is passing quickly. Time seems to be an illusion these days. My torn-up feelings are waning and I’m focused on finishing the work and the residency. It’s even getting a little warmer here.