The following are songs that have come to me through the years. I’ve been playing music since I was 12, but have not really had the opportunity to record the songs that have flowed through me. Like other things I make, I get an idea into my head and I have to put it down or it will haunt me until I do. Some of these songs have been with me for some time – they are not much more than demos, but good enough to get my ideas out.


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This is the first original song I ever got a band to play. The band was “Strangers on the Prairie.” Our first gig was at a Halloween Party in Cankton, Louisiana. I played accordion. The others in the band all liked the song and we always had it on our song list at shows.

I wrote this song with the intent of it sounding like a dance song from Lafayette, and also about a college girlfriend, Julia, who moved away to Casper. All I have left is this song and a small photograph.


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This song was one we played in our little band “The Bad Rays” around 1989. It was one of our most requested numbers. The other guitar player always wanted me to record it. I never really had the time to put it down until now. The song sings about Charlene, my girlfriend at the time, who left me for another musician. It was hard at the time but she was the inspiration for several paintings and this song. Art has more punch when it means something.