Purple Dreams

This little movie was in the making for years. I’ve always wanted to animate my figures. As I see them in my head, they move, talk and interact. So animation is the natural next step, and it made sense to do this digitally. I just had to wait for some time before I had the computers and software.

I made a few animations in college, drawn on paper and filmed. These were made one page at a time, so I was familiar with the process. The catalyst for Purple Dreams was a show I participated in at KK projects in New Orleans. I had a deadline, so I took stock of all the pieces I had and found that if I put them all together, I could finish a short animation. I put some original music to the piece and showed it at my installation in New Orleans. I also entered the short in Lafayette’s own IDIDx film festival in April. I’m working on several other ideas right now, so there’s more on the way…