To many, the artistic process is a complete mystery. People constantly ask me, “Where do your ideas come from?” “How did you make that?” They want to know the how and the why, the inspiration and the information.

Every artist has a different approach to visualizing and materializing their expression. I hope this site helps explain why and how I make what I make, peeling back some layers and revealing my artistic process, or how I make art.

For those of you that have visited here before, there will familiar galleries, about the artist, and a contact page. In my constant search for new modes of expression, I’ve added video, music, and a blog to document and communicate new ideas as they flow through my head and to post musical and cinematic avenues of expression. Some of these will have an RSS feed link so those of you that want to keep up can subscribe. Check back for the shop page, which will be updated with new merchandise.

I’m excited about this new website, and hope I can share what my experience with you and you with me.

Francis X. Pavy

Francis Pavy