francis x. pavy, Southern narrative artist

“My work stems from the southern storytelling tradition. Common subjects for me are the folklife and folklore of the local people juxtaposed against the fabric of everyday American life. I am particularly interested in music, musicians and the musical traditions of Louisiana. When I began to develop my individual style, I had little resources to travel and experience different types of art firsthand. Although I did attend college, studied art history and was exposed to contemporary artwork, it was the work of local artists that I experienced day in and day out that made the biggest impression on me — and it was these people who inspired my artwork.”  — Francis X. Pavy


about the artist

In the New Orleans Art Review, Calvin Harland writes,
“He, in my opinion, is already a rare artist to come out of the Cajun world: meaning he is one of the very few artists of a similar Cajun heritage to have made in-depth use of his native source material.”

SOME OF PAVY MAJOR COLLECTORS INCLUDE Brown-Ferguson Corporation, Premier, Bancorp, The New Orleans Museum of Art Ron Howard, Lorne Michael, and many more


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Notable museums and individual collectors include:

The New Orleans Museum of Art / Morris Museum of Art / Ron Howard / Lorne Michael / Paul Simon

Walker Percy / Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia / Antoine de Caunes / Philippe Djain / Steve Croppe